Finally an Edge, with Pet Wedge. Made in the USA

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Instantly Removes Pet Hair From Carpets

Instantly Removes Pet Hair From Pet Beds

Instantly Removes Pet Hair From Upholstery

Instantly Removes Pet Hair From Car Interiors

Pet Wedge® Hair Remover Reaches Between the Seats!

Additionally, Pet Wedge® Hair Remover Is

  • Economical and can be used over and over again!
  • Non-toxic and environmentally safe.
  • Not a sponge, it's a pet hair remover.
  • U.S. and Foreign patents pending.

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Run the Pet Wedge® Between the Edges!

The area where the carpet meets the baseboards collects hair and other miscellaneous debris. This is no longer a challenge. Simply run the Pet Wedge® between the gaps... Buy Now

Clean Cushion Cracks!

No matter where the hair; the cushions, sleepers, loveseats, couches or chairs, the Pet Wedge® will clean between them all. Unwanted pet hair and debris will cling to Pet Wedge® as you run it between the cushions. Run it through, remove and reuse... Buy Now

Don't Hesitate to Take Your Travel Mate!

The easy to store, easy to use Pet Wedge® for the quick and convenient clean up after your trip. The wedge shape makes it easy to reach the usually unreachable areas. Cleaning unwanted pet hair out of cars, boats or recreational vehicles is now a cinch... Buy Now

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